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Every Sunday morning at 10, the Monkton church bell tolls, a happy and welcoming sound that has rung out over the hills and fields of Monkton for 150 years. It means that our Sunday worship is about to begin. With thought-provoking and powerful messages from Pastor Bruce Frame, and choral and instrumental music under the direction of Becky Hitch, each service is filled with love, laughter, beautiful music, and a celebration of our Lord and Savior. Our friendly congregation is happy to welcome visitors and neighbors - won't you join us?

Christmas Eve Service (2).jpg
Holiday Services​


We joyfully celebrate the milestones of the church year with special services.


Christmas Eve Candle Light service, 7 p.m.,

Palm Sunday, 10 a.m.


Easter Sunday, 10 a.m. 



Our church has been the site of numerous baptisms and confirmation services over its long history. We are always happy to welcome children of God to the community of faith. For information, contact

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